MOmarsh Founder

Dr. Ira McCauley, DVM

“I was shooting ducks, but I wanted it to become as intimate as possible. I wanted as many as possible in front of me and I wanted them point blank. I wanted to make memories that were permanent- not just get my limit. It became clear that I needed to be mobile, concealed and comfortable to have the most success.”

Shallow Water Solutions
Portable Hides

MOmarsh brought the “Original Fatboy” marsh boat to market in the late 90’s and the “Fatboy DP” followed in 2001.  Through the years, we perfected our blind systems for the hunter and the dog for our boats and others.  In 2007, we began to explore other, more portable, prototypes that were easier to get around, easier to store, and could be made for a lower price point…  This is where our “Shallow Water Solutions Concept” was born.

MOmarsh Boat
Dog in blind
Veterinarian Designed
Dog Products

Whether its our popular Versa-Vest dog vest, portable dog blinds, home cots or training bumpers for off-season exercises our goal is to keep your favorite hunting companion safe, comfortable and healthy. 

Hunter walking with blind


Keeping hunters “on the X” and in the game, when the ducks start to get picky.

Hunter in Versa-Blind


Allowing you to stay in the field longer, be efficient and more successful.


Hunt Hard. Hide Easy. Come see what the ducks can't.

The History Of MOmarsh