Q: Do you sell a kit to make a Final Stand into an Invisi-Lab?A: No, Invisi-Lab covers require welded tabs that the Final Stand does not com equipped with.

Q: Do you ship to Alaska/CanadaA: Yes. However, typically it is very expensive due to the size of most our products and customer is responsible for associated cost. the contact us page and submit a request for quotes

Q: Do you sell used or damaged products?A: No, we only sell new in box products.

Q: Are your boats 2 man boats?
A: They are certainly capable of transporting and fishing more than one person, but the concept of a 2-man marsh boat is really a misnomer for this category of boat. Remember that the effectiveness of this style of boat is the ability to retain a low profile that is difficult to do with more than one hunter. Not to mention potentially unsafe!

Q: What is a general cost on shipping?
A: Shipping to locations in the Midwest and Southeast is generally $265-425. Shipping to either coast can be over $400.  Inquire for exact amounts. It is more cost effective to ship to a business or do a terminal pick up instead of shipping to a residence.

Q: How much is crating?
A: Crating is $65 per boat.

Q: Can oarlocks be attached?
A: To date we don’t install oarlocks on any of the boats as an option, but a few purchasers have installed them after their purchase.

Q: Do my accessories arrive inside my boat?
A: Our fabricator does not stock all accessories so some may be inside your boat others we will need to send UPS and the shipping amount will be reflected on your sales order.

Q: What is your lead time for a boat?
A: We custom make each boat. Our busiest time of year is July-October. If you can avoid ordering during these months your boat will ship out much quicker.   Backorder rarely exceeds 3 weeks even during our busy season.

Q:  How stable are the boats?
A:  The boats are very stable and capable for their size.  However, they are small boats and are made for hiding in protected waters.  The customer is expected to use common sense and not put themselves in harms way while operating them.  We have some great video clips in the video gallery and on our YouTube channel that show the boats in action.

Q: Do you have a store front?

A: We are an internet based company. You can currently find most of our products at some major retailers such as:  Cabela’s, Mack’s Prairie Wings, Bass Pro Shops, and Rogers.

Q: Where are your boats made?

A: Our boats are fabricated in Troy, Missouri.

Q: What color do your boats come in?

A: Our standard color is Olive Drab.

Q: What type of motor do you recommend?

A: Our boats are rated for a 2.5 horse power motor.