Dr. Ira McCauley, DVM lives in Defiance, MO with his wife Kellie and 2 sons Kory and Quinn.  He operates 2 veterinary offices with his brother Aaron where they have a staff of veterinarians that help to keep the animals healthy during hunting seasons.  McCauley cut his water fowling teeth in the marshes of LA and the rice fields of TX prior to moving to Missouri.  His passion for water fowling has spawned hunting businesses in Missouri.  McCauley has been the owner and president of Momarsh since its establishment in 1998. McCauley is also co-owner and one of the original principals of Habitat Flats, LLC- a premier waterfowl outfitter in the Golden Triangle which has been named by Field and Stream as the number one waterfowl lodge in North America.

“I cut my waterfowling teeth on the coastal marshes and rice fields of Louisiana and Texas in the 80’s.  We did not have much in the way of gear, but we had access to an abundance of ducks and geese at our disposal and a belly of desire to end the day with a few feathers…"

McCauley moved to Missouri in the late 80’s and began duck hunting the midwest in addition to the coast.  He went to college at MIZZOU and began hunting “The Golden Triangle” at that time. Primarily at a friends duck camp called “The Bottoms.”  Mallards in the fields, wetlands, and coming down through the pin oaks of Missouri are an experience that any hunter wants to relive over and over! Since then he has stayed close to his Sumner MO base. In 2005 along with his brother Aaron the brothers purchased their own personal spot and named it Locust Grove. The area offers a mix of timber holes while the vast majority is composed of moist soil units. 

 “I was shooting ducks, but I wanted it to become as intimate as possible.  I wanted as many as possible in front of me and I wanted them point blank.  I wanted to make memories that were permanent- not just get my limit.  It became clear that I needed to be mobile, concealed and comfortable to have the most success…”

 MOmarsh is the business that developed from those efforts.  It brings to market some of the best ideas and designs that we have tried through the years.  There have been many friends who have helped along the way and their input has been essential and is appreciated.

 MOmarsh brought the “Original Fatboy” marsh boat to market in the late 90’s and the “Fatboy DP” followed in 2001.  Through the years, we perfected our blind systems for the hunter and the dog for our boats and others.  In 2007, I began to explore other, more portable, prototypes that were easier to get around, easier to store, and could be made for a lower price point…  This is where our “Shallow Water Solutions Concept” was born.

 All our products meet our essential criteria of being “mobile, comfortable and concealable.”  In addition, they are available at an affordable price point and they are easy to transport and store.  These tools help us keep our  customers “on the X” and in the game, when the ducks start to get picky.

 Duck hunting is a way of life for us and we suspect it is for you as well if you have read to the end of this bio.  So, please take some time to poke around our website and see the revolutionary products that we are bringing to the water fowling market.  Come see what the ducks can't!